Hollywood Open Mic

With the largest open mic in Los Angeles averaging about 80 people a month, Uplift formed a community of artists that banded together and created new projects.

Instagram Lives

Interviews with artists on how they got to where they are, what they're doing now, and how others can do the same. This gives the artist a platform from which they can really comunicate to each other and build more relationships.

Video Projects

Working with our network of artists to create uplifting videos that help inspire people to take action and bring more positivity to the world.

Words from Our Artists

It has been a delight working with the uplift team as they promote, and encourage the development of new and existing artist. If you have an opportunity to work with uplift please do. It will change your artist experience!!!!

Uplift has been a motivating force in my life. The organization has connected me with like-minded artists from around the world that have helped me improve my craft and leave a positive impact in my community.